Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bounce Houses and Funnel Cakes

Everyone loves a carnival, festival, or county fair. However, to ensure that everyone has a safe and fun event, NFPA 1:10.15 gives guidlines that must be followed:
  • ensure that all proper permits have been applied for and received (ensure that this is done well in advance of the event, as certain requirements may need to be met prior to the event)
  • the local fire authority has the right to require a life safety evaluation and standby fire personnel
  • each concession stand should have at least (1) fire extinguisher
  • (1) smoke alarm shall be located in all areas used for sleeping
  • concession cooking stands shall have 10' of clearance on two sides and be a minimum of 10' away from amusemnt rides or devices
  • a method of notifying the fire department in case of emergency shall be in place and available to the public