Monday, September 19, 2011

METRO Sweden

I thought this was an amazing project.  METRO group is performing full scale transportation tunnel, fire/design testing.  This 3 year project began in December 2009, and will be completed in December 2012.

METRO is a Swedish research project about infrastructure protection. The focus of the project is on the protection of underground rail mass transport systems, such as tunnels and subway stations. Both fire and explosion hazards are studied, and such aspects as evacuation, rescue operations and smoke control are important parts of the project.

The work in METRO is divided into seven Work Packages (WPs) which address different aspects of the studied topic. The seven WPs are:
 WP1 – Design Fires
WP2 – Evacuation
WP3 – Integrated Fire Control
WP4 – Smoke Control
WP5 – Extraordinary Strain on Constructions
WP6 – Fire and Rescue Operations
WP7 – Project Management


See a slideshow presentation of the project here:

Read an article concerning the METRO project in Eurotransport Magazine.

Read an overview of the project at Hemming Fire.