Thursday, September 1, 2011

Second Mile

I enjoy a good meal from Chick-fil-a.  More than the taste of the food, I enjoy eating there because of the consistent, and superb level of service that I receive.  My order is never messed up (if it is they correct it on them), I am always greeted with a smiling face and a good attitude,  I am checked on to make sure that I am comfortable and have all that I need for a satisfactory meal experience.  I can walk into any Chick-fil-a in the country (I have been in many) and can be sure to receive this same level of service.

Chick-fil-a lives by the mantra of "second mile service", which they adopted from Matthew 5:41, "If someone forces you to go one mile, go with him two."  They consistently go the second mile. (read more at )

How often do we have the attitude of doing the bare minimum (or less)? How often have we wanted to say (or said), "your the one that needs the inspection, not me, figure it out"?

As public servants it should go without saying that we are to go the second mile and more for those we serve.  By going the second mile, we truly provide a valuable service to our community.  In these economic times, the second mile might be all it takes to create a positive image in the public's eye.

The second mile might involve doing the "unconventional" at times, or going outside of your particular "job description",  but we must always remember that our primary job title is that of public servant.  Take this challenge from Chick-fil-a and, go the second mile.  Apply this principal to your daily life, look for second mile opportunities, and see how your community will change!