Tuesday, June 19, 2012

11 Rules To Live By

Internation Fire/EMS Safety and Health Week is being observed this week, June 17-23. 

You can get all the resources at safetyandhealthweek.org.

Rules of Engagement for Firefighter Survival
  1. Size up your tactical area of operation.
  2. Determine the occupant survival profile.
  3. DO NOT risk your life for lives or property that cannot be saved.
  4. Extend LIMITED risk to protect SAVABLE property.
  5. Extend VIGILANT and MEASURED risk to protect and rescue SAVABLE lives.
  6. Go in together, stay together, come out together.
  7. Maintain continuous awareness of your air supply, situation, location and fire conditions.
  8. Constantly monitor fireground communications for critical radio reports.
  9. You are required to report unsafe practices or conditions that can harm you. Stop, evaluate and decide.
  10. You are required to abandon your position and retreat before deteriorating conditions can harm you.
  11. Declare a Mayday as soon as you THINK you are in danger.