Wednesday, July 11, 2012

18 Ways to Project a Job Winning Image [SERIES]

A couple of weeks ago we started the series, How To Get Hired.  Here is Part 2.

When going into a job interview the natural emotion seems to be anxiety.  We tense up, we are unsure of what is about to happen, our stomach's flutter a bit.  We are nervous.  Don't let it show.  What you should exude is confidence, courage, and relaxation.

Follow these 18 tips to project a job winning image:
  1. Be natural - don't try to be something that you are not
  2. Get comfortable - sit in a comfortable position, without lounging or sprawling
  3. Don't wisecrack - skip the small talk, stop trying to pretend that you are a member of the "good ole boy" club
  4. Don't exagerate your abilities - be honest about your experience and skills, no need to embellish
  5. Personal connections - don't name drop, but if it comes up it is okay, you are also not trying to hide it
  6. Don't overpower - let the interviewers be in control of the interview, don't talk over them or dominate the conversation
  7. Be attentive - pay attention, be observant
  8. Don't interrupt - take your time, don't finish peoples questions, or start answering before the questioner is completed
  9. Understand the question - make sure you know what is being asked, it is okay to have the question repeated or ask for clarification
  10. Reply promptly - answer the question in a timely fashion, but don't rush through your answer
  11. Don't create answers - be real, don't answer questions only based on what you think the interviewer wants to hear
  12. Hold your ground - don't change your answer just to agree with the interviewer
  13. Admit error - don't be afraid to admit errors in judgement if you are shown to be wrong
  14. Don't dwell on your present position - answer questions succinctly, do not keep a focus on your present employment
  15. No anecdotes - don't bring in your extra comments or helpful analogies
  16. No slang - keep a clean mouth, and use only common english
  17. Leave your exhibits at home - this is often recommended, however, this sometimes works in getting the job (just know your interviewer, and feel it out)
  18. Don't flatter - people can tell when you are insincere; nobody wants to listen to this
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