Monday, March 11, 2013

Using Google Chrome

While contemplating a new laptop purchase I came across the Google Chromebook.  The Chromebooks run on the Linux based, Chrome OS.  The Acer Chromebook starts at only $199, the next level up is the Samsung Chromebook starting at $249.  These systems operate in the cloud while also allowing work to be performed offline.  As I currently work heavily with Google Drive (docs, spreadsheets, slides, gmail, calendar, blogger, etc.)  this sounded like a perfect option for me.  Also, you can download and utilize apps from the Google Chrome web store, another plus as I currently use an Android based phone. Added benefits are no outdated software, the newest updates happen automatically, and all files can be located in the cloud, available wherever/whenever you need them.

As I have been researching this technology, it seems that governments have been taking note of the affordability of Google's array of software and hardware.  Here are two stories of governments that have gone Google:
This makes good sense for use in the public sector.  Astronomical financial savings would be found in, reduced funds for computer leasing and hardware updates, eleimination of software licensing and upgrade fees, and reduced cost of server maintenance and upkeep. 

I have not purchased mine yet, but it will happen in a couple of days.  I will be posting a review here as I begin to use it.