Monday, February 9, 2015

#FireProtection: Technologies Impacting the Future

Every industry seems to have an abundance of conferences, events, and educational opportunities. Deciding which ones to attend and which ones will provide the greatest value, can  present a real challenge when planning out your year.  As I plan ahead, I choose my conferences and events based on three priorities:  lesson, leader, location.

  • Lesson - What is the training topic? Is it something I am interested in? Is it a topic that immediately concerns my organization?
  • Leader - Who is the instructor, presenter, or speaker?  Is it an expert in the field? Is it a famous personality that I have wanted to hear?
  • Location - Is it local (convenient for small travel budgets)? Is it exotic (Las Vegas, Miami, New York)?  What other activities are there (all work or some fun)?

From these priorities I can easily select the handful (2 or 3) of conferences that will be most beneficial, economical, and valuable. Every year the event that quickly rises to the top, that most effectively meets these three criteria, is the Training With the Experts Seminar Series sponsored by Orr Protection Systems.

The lesson and training content is always timely and of great value. This years topic is Trending Now! #FireProtection Technologies Impacting the Future.  This topic will explore developing technology in fire protection and how it will impact the facilities that we work in and with.  Some of the technologies to be discussed include: smart devices and apps, selecting voice evacuation/mass notification systems, data center design considerations, and new developments in clean agent, water mist, and air sampling technologies.  Additionally, there is always a “bonus session” which offer just as much value as the main session.  This years bonus session will be on, “Causes and Cures for False Alarms”.

Orr Protection Systems is the leader in mission critical fire protection systems.  The expert presenter is Lee Kaiser, Engineering Manager for ORR. Lee, has a personality that is instantly likable.  With Lee at the helm one can trust that the information will be presented in an entertaining and informative manner, without the use of engineering terms and gobbledygook.  Lee has a presentation style that effectively engages the mixed audience of facility managers, architects, engineers, inspectors, public fire service personnel, and AHJ's.

The location can’t be beat! From San Francisco to Ft. Lauderdale, Phoenix to Philadelphia, and in between, this “Training With the Experts Seminar Series” is coming to an area that is local and easy to get to. Click here to see all the locations!

Having attended this event in the past, and looking forward to attending in the future, there is no other conference that offers as much value for the investment as this!  I highly recommend this to anyone within the facilities management, contracting/design, fire protection, or public service sectors.