Thursday, January 11, 2018

Florida Fire Prevention Code, 6th Edition

January 1, 2018 marked the effective date of the 6th edition of the Florida Fire Prevention Code. The Florida Fire Prevention Code is composed of the 2015 editions of NFPA 1, Fire Code and NFPA 101, Life Safety Codewith Florida specific amendments.

These Florida state specific amendments, local amendments, informal interpretations, past editions, and future notices can be accessed from the Florida Fire Prevention Code page, from the Division of State Fire Marshal. 

The full list of adopted codes, standards, and referenced documents and editions are listed in FAC 69A-60.005.

Douglas True, Fire Prevention at Dade City, has built an amazing set of plan review spreadsheets based on this latest edition of the FFPC. These sheets include plans review checklists and calculations.  This document can be downloaded here,

Florida Fire Prevention Code, 6th Edition can be purchased from BNi Building News.