TheCodeCoach.com is the blog and website of Aaron Johnson.  Aaron is a freelance fire strategist specializing in fire protection, life safety, and code consulting. He not only provides consultation to meet the minimum required standards, but also works with the client to create the perfect all around solution, that meets code requirements, keeps costs low, and provides the highest level of protection (for the customer and community).

Aaron has more than a decade of fire protection/life safety/code compliance experience.  He holds multiple fire service and FEMA certifications. His expertise spans multiple occupancy types and use functions. He is an active member of several fire protection technical committees.

Aaron is the author of more than 400 books, articles, reports, white papers, and blog posts on fire protection and life safety topics. He regularly speaks at industry conferences, and is a member of the International Code Council (ICC), National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the ARFF Working Group, and the Florida Fire Chiefs Association.

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Bringing peace of mind to your project and facilities by creating fire protection and life safety solutions that meet code requirements, maintain low costs, and provide the highest levels of protection to life, property, and assets.

I provide more than ‘inspections’ or ‘consultations’.  To fully protect my client’s assets and meet their needs I provide a complete fire protection and life safety strategy.  A strategy can be defined as a, “long term, systematic, plan of action”.  These strategies do more than meet minimum compliance requirements.  They create better, safer facilities, that minimize risks and ensure that the facility remains an integral part of the community for many years to come.

Services provided:
  • Commissioning
  • Plan Review/Analysis
  • Code Consulting, Advocacy, and Development
  • Risk Assessment and Hazard Analysis
  • Emergency and Fire Protection/Life Safety Planning
  • Fire Protection/Life Safety Program Implementation and Managemen
If you are interested in retaining our services, requesting further information, or have fire protection/life safety related questions, contact Aaron at, thecodecoach@gmail.com.