Monday, May 9, 2011

Fire Prevention, an Appeal

The only persons who can prevent loss by fire are the owners or occupants of the premises; upon them rests the responsiblity for heavy loss in nearly every fire. -Edward Atkinson

That is the fire problem in a nutshell. It is up to the owners and occupants, who neglect the fire danger. With our current building laws, non-combustible construction, and strict fire codes new buildings are not the issue, the great danger is the old buildings. The way to remove that danger is to make the present buildings safe.

Do not run the risk of financial ruin by a conflagration in your business, home, or community. Do not be responsible for a loss of life, loss of property,or loss of capital panic caused by a big fire in your community. Do not depend on insurance; it never pays for the loss of business.  Do not ask firemen to risk their lives in dangerous buildings. Partner with your local firefighters by making your property safe against fire.

Prevent fires in your building by applying a few basic principles:
1. be aware of and remove the causes of fire.
2. decrease fire loss and damage by having available, and maintaining, fire extinguishers, and fire sprinkler systems.
3. provide and maintain fire alarm systems to facilitate early fire/smoke detection (a monitored system will ensure quick response by the fire department).

4. confine the fire to small areas by building per UL fire-resistant standards.
5. maintain doors, and exits for easy accessibility (for exiting occupants, and entering fire/rescue personnel).
6. maintain life safety by regularly conducting fire drills.

Business longevity can, practically, be guarnteed by following these 6 fire prevention principles.