Happy Thanksgiving!!

If you will be using a turkey fryer this holiday season, be aware of the dangers.  Below is a video from Underwriters Laboratories, demonstrating the hazards associated with these units.

From The Code Coach, have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!


Last week I attended the 2009 Annual FACAP Seminar.  The neat thing about this seminar is that it brings together a diverse group of people/organizations.  It brings together, the fire service, private/public fire investigators, law enforcement, insurance executives, CPA, and attorneys.  These diverse groups are united over the common goal of arson prevention.  The workshops are all geared to a different facet of arson, investigative techniques, applicable codes/laws/standards/guidelines, legal issues, financial motives/concerns, and many others.  This is probably one of the top seminars I have attended this year, and look forward to attending next year!

If you are involved with arson and live in the state of Florida, I encourage you to check out and join the Florida Advisory Committee on Arson Prevention (FACAP).