Rescue Mission

*this issue has since been resolved

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According to the National Fire Protection Association, Life Safety Code (NFPA 101) most "rescue missions" are defined as a lodging or rooming house.  These are any building that provides "sleeping accommodations for 16 or fewer persons" without separate cooking facilities.  These persons can either be housed in the facility on a transient or a permanent basis.

When planning for this type of ministry, important factors to consider should include:
  • every sleeping room and living area shall have a primary means of escape that allows a safe path of travel to the outside
  • every sleeping room and living area shall have a secondary means of escape (this means, including windows, must meet applicable Life Safety Code requirements/dimensions)
  • doors need to be automatic or self-closing
  • a manual fire alarm system will be required (some exceptions apply)
  • a fire sprinkler system shall be installed (some exceptions apply)
For more information you can read NFPA 101.

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