2017 Year End Reading List

Here's what I was reading in 2017.


Write to Market, Chris Fox

From Jailer to Jailed, Bernard Kerik

A Message to Garcia, Elbert Hubbard


Night Watchman, Tony Dunbar

State of Fear, Michael Crichton

The Gray and Guilty Sea, Scott William Carter

Fear, L. Ron Hubbard

The Sins of the Father, Lawrence Block

Fire Thieves, Michael Brigati

The Murderer Vine, Shepard Rifkin

Talking to the Dead, Harry Bingham

How to Succeed in Fire Engineering

Paul Bryant, author of The 7 Traits of Highly Effective Fire Engineers: A Guide for Those in the Profession Who Wish to Get Ahead, has spent a career in the fire protection industry.  In his time he had the opportunity to work with all types and “qualities” of engineer.  Clearly, there were some that rose to the top.  They were different.  They seemed to easily excel at their field and quickly advance beyond their peers.  

This book is the analyses of his research on the seven traits that sets these high performing individuals above their counterparts.

Trait #1. Having Passion. They love what they do.

Trait #2. Being Objective.  They prefer to make decisions based on facts, even if the facts contradict their personal experiences and beliefs.

Trait #3. Knowing Your Limits.  They know what they know, but more importantly, they know what they don’t know.

Trait #4. Progressive Thinking.  They look to the future - they don’t live in the past.

Trait #5. Taking Responsibility.  They automatically assume responsibility for their output.  They readily own up to mistakes.

Trait #6. Getting Involved.  They really get involved in, and contribute to, the industry.

Trait #7. Appreciating Others.  They acknowledge and appreciate the skills of others in the profession.  They understand that it does not have to be a competition.

“Each of the seven traits are more to do with attitude than anything else.  It is attitude - and the right attitude, that separates those who succeed from the rest.” --Paul Bryant, Fire Cubed LLP