Learn to SCORRE

I remember attending a conference keynote that was being delivered by a prominent author of a widely read fire investigation textbook.  I looked forward to it, as this was to be a person with much experience and interesting fire scene stories.  However, I found myself fighting sleep and wondering why he wasn't getting to the meat and potatoes of his presentation.

We've all suffered through fire department presentations, classes, conferences, and in-service training, delivered ineffectively.  This is unacceptable.  The fire service naturally lends itself to interesting content that people want to hear.  Why do we deliver so poorly?

This should not be.  Here is a great resource to make all your presentations effective.

For more than 30 years, Ken Davis, author of Secrets of Dynamic Communications: Prepare with Focus, Deliver with Clarity, Speak with Power, has been teaching people the art and science of public speaking through his SCORRE Conferences.  In, Secrets of Dynamic CommunicationsDavis shares the SCORRE process, and educates the reader on how to deliver powerful and memorable presentations. The book is divided into 3 parts:
  1. The Preparation - outlines the SCORRE process
  2. The Presentation - teaches effective speech delivery skills
  3. The Application - how to use the SCORRE process to achieve great results
Each sections is tied in closely to the SCORRE elements:

S - Subject

C - Central Theme
O - Objective
R - Rationale
R - Resources
E - Evaluation

Davis provides a clear model outline process for the actual presentation, and how to present within given time frames. This is one of the most clear and concise titles on public speaking that I have read.  It offers great content and presentation techniques.  With only 144 pages, this book can easily be read in a single afternoon, literally improving your presentation skills overnight.  Whether you are a chief, company officer, inspector, life safety educator, or one that desires to be a better communicator, Secrets of Dynamic Communications is a must read. 

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Proper Fire Door Installation

The below video, on how to install fire doors, is from the UK based "Fire Door Safety Week". Although, UK based, which has some slight variations from US requirements, the principles are applicable to our fire door installation and awareness.

The only way to be sure that your installed fire doors will work as expected in a fire, is to perform annual inspections, testing, and maintenance.  The below video gives a brief overview of items to look for on an inspection.

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