Thursday, September 22, 2011


Coordinating the Juvenile Fire Setter Intervention Program, I became aware of two issues.  The first, juvenile fire setter intervention is purely a reactive program.  Second, the program does not teach much else besides, "you shouldn't have played with fire".  These are good ideas, however, they lack the power to create real change in the life of a teenager.

To fill the gaps that these issues create we (Martin County Fire Rescue) are launching a new program called, Ignite

Ignite  is open to all teenagers (9-12th grades).  It is a program that will enable, equip, and empower students to make wise life decisions, and be a leaders in their community.  Ignite utilizes fire prevention and fire fighting principles, combined with success, leadership, and decision making strategies to equip youth with the tools and knowledge necessary to lead a life of success.  This program covers topics such as discovering your passions/skills/abilities, little things matter, attitude is everything, there is no such thing as failure, create good life habits, and how to live out your passion. 

To find out more information or to register a student check out, or join Ignite on Facebook.

What are some successful programs that your department has been involved with? What worked? What didn't?