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Aviation Fire Protection Professionals Group

An exclusive, peer-to-peer mentoring group for individuals whose primary concern includes fire protection and life safety within aviation environments and facilities.  This group is dedicated to helping you navigate through challenges using the collective knowledge, skills, and experiences of others.

Benefits of Membership

     Have your own dedicated team of professional advisers.

     Work with others to develop solutions for your complex projects and issues.

Expanded network.
     Grow your network of relationships and increase your knowledge base.

New learning.
     Learn from the shared knowledge and skills of members, and educational sessions.

Broad thinking.
     Gain a fresh perspective and new way to think about challenges.

How Members Receive These Benefits

  • Monthly 1-on-1 coaching call (to answer problems and questions)
  • Bi-monthly group training calls and disussions with special experts
  • Private LinkedIn group with access to other members
  • Annual live event
  • Open e-mail access with guaranteed response times
  • Free books, resources, and exclusive content

Members are expected to remain actively engaged throughout the program. Active engagements includes being a part of conference calls, posting in the group, and responding to other members requests. 

Program cost

[per program year, September - May]

100% money-back guarantee, if you are not completely satisfied with the value received. 

Complete the Application

Want to join?  Fill out the no-obligation application now!

A maximum of 20 people are accepted into the program each year. All applications will be thoroughly reviewed.  Deadline to apply for the 2016 program is September 9.