Hire Me

Fire strategist and the “peace of mind” expert in fire protection and life safety.

You want peace of mind.  Your goal is to protect your facilities from fire loss, provide for life safety, and produce a quality project, all while staying within a budget. These come with their own set of unique challenges. The primary challenges include those related to fire protection, life safety systems, and code compliance.  

Your peace of mind can rest on my, more than ten years, in the fire protection, life safety, and industrial sectors.  From concept to completion I can handle your fire protection and code compliance concerns.

As a fire strategist I not only provide consultation to meet the minimum required standards, but also work with the client to create the perfect all around solution, that meets code requirements, keeps costs low, and provides the highest level of protection (for the customer and community).

I offer the following services:

  • Loss Control/Risk Assessment - identify areas of greatest risk from fire and establish a plan for mitigation. [Are You At Risk?]

  • Code Consultation/Analysis - ensure compliance with applicable codes and standards, provide quality assurance (QA) to ensure that all work is properly conducted, and understand the codes and standards that could impact your project design and costs.

  • Emergency Planning - create emergency/fire protection/life safety plans for your facility, and provide guidance on implementation and exercise. [How to Write an Emergency Plan]

The Code Coach is Aaron Johnson, and I am always available  to respond to questions or for informational requests.  I can be reached at, thecodecoach@gmail.com.