Monday, December 14, 2015

Did you accomplish your goals?

Every month I provide an in-service training class to department personnel.  This training varies from items such as sprinkler and alarm systems, to facility hazards and risks, to department vision and values.  My favorite in-service training to deliver, however, is in December.  For this month's in-service training we review the year past and we look ahead to the coming year. This is an opportunity for everyone to see what goals were accomplished, and an opportunity to cast the vision for the coming year.

The end-of-year portion of the review provides a look back on the activities, updates, and facility upgrades that have taken place over the past year.  These are divided into the following sections:

  • New projects -
    • outlines progress, challenges, and wins for all new projects taking place; this also provides an opportunity to show applicability and effects of the project on the department and the customer.
  • Facility/Department -
    • share all safety/insurance/FAA audit inspection results; addresses current fire protection/life safety issues and concerns; introduce updates or revisions that have taken place within departmental SOG's/SOP's and operations manuals; provide updates on planned or completed projects (specific to facility or department).
  • Education/Training -
    • lists training classes that were provided, shows number of people trained, discusses benefit to the department and personnel, explains updates and expectations related to fire certifications and advancement
  • Inspections, by the numbers - 
    • annual inspection statistics are provided to show numbers of inspections performed, permits issued, system inspections completed, hours of fire watch conducted and similar items.
The 'look ahead' portion of the annual report paints a picture of things to come.  Items included in the look ahead are:
  • discussion of on-going projects
  • outline of goals and objectives for the coming year
  • provide guidance and direction for accomplishing these goals
If you do not currently conduct a end-of-year review, use this as guide.  If you have a different system, or think of other items that would be important to include, post that in the comments section below this post.