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Kentucky State Police continue to investigate after a fire erupted in a dorm room early Sunday morning, sending the student who was inside to the hospital.

State Police say the fire broke out on the second floor of Chandler Hall. Investigators say campus police and security were able to get a female student out of the room when they arrived. Police officers put out the fire before the Frankfort Fire Department got there.

EMS took the student to a local hospital, where she was treated and released.

"It definitely could have been a lot worse in any situation where you have multiple occupants of a building, such as a college campus," Kentucky State Police Arson Investigator Kevin Dunn said.

State Police haven't said whether or not they consider the fire suspicious.

Students living in the building had to leave for several hours while a State Police Arson Investigator, the State Fire Marshal's office and University Police investigated.

"Things like that that happen on campus scares everybody, especially us that's living on campus. We feel like it should be safer," Jazmine Larkin, a student who lives in Chandler Hall, said. "We don't know what happened yet, so, as of right now, I don't really know how to feel about it, you know, depends on what happened."

But not all students think the fire is cause for concern.

"I really think it's probably an accident. I don't think somebody would really try to do something as far as arson," Brent Marshall said.

State Police say the dorm room sustained minor fire and smoke damage. The fire was contained to that room.

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