Building a Kiosk

Part of the joys of mall shopping (besides people watching) is perusing through the various types of kiosks scattered throughout the mall area. I always find it intersting to see the types of items that people sell, because others are willing to pay for them.  However, whether your buying gold, repairing watches, or selling personalized 3D face plush toys, your kiosk must meet the requirements of the fire code.

To begin with any kiosk that is being constructed will require a permit. Plans and specifications for the kiosk will need to be submitted to the local building and fire officials.

NFPA 101: lays out specific guidelines for the placement and construction of these kiosks.  These requirements are:
  1. Combustible kiosks and similar structures must be constructed of materials complying with the below:
    1. fire-retardant-treated wood meeting NFPA 703
    2. NFPA 5000:47
    3. foamed plastics used must meet UL 1975
    4. aluminum composite material (ACM) having a Class A rating, per NFPA 101:10.2
    5. Textiles and films must meet the flame propagation requirements of NFPA 701.
This information should all be included with the plans and specifications that are submitted to your local jurisdiction's building and fire official.

     2.  Kiosks must be protected with fire suppression and detection devices.

Most malls are of such a size that they will  already have a fire sprinkler and alarm system in place. If your kiosk has a roof or any overhead obstruction (4' or greater) to the sprinkler system, then your space will be required to have additional sprinkler protection, this is achieved by dropping a sprinkler pipe into your space and adding a head beneath the obstruction or roof.  Fire extinguishers are required in to be in each kiosk.

     3.  Kiosks must be separated from other kiosks and mall structures by a minimum of 20'.

This is to prevent the mall aisles from becoming overcrowded and effectively separating the mall aisles down the middle.  This prevents the prompt and safe evacuation of people in the event of a fire or life safety emergency.

     4.  Each kiosk or group of kiosks must not exceed 300 square feet.

So, if you are inteding on selling your family recipe hot sauce in the mall, do not forget to take into account these standards for constructing your kiosk.