Pursuing Hobbies

It's important to have hobbies.  Most members of the fire service that I have talked to, do this job because they thoroughly enjoy it. They enjoy the camaraderie, the schedule, and even the actual work itself.  However, at times, this job can become stressful or worrisome.

It is important to pursue hobbies, and the things you enjoy as a way to relieve the stress, and forget about 'work' for a while.  Get a hobby - weightlifting, kayaking, photography, golf, boating, basket weaving - whatever you choose, pick something you love to do and pursue it passionately.

When I am not at work I enjoy creating, whether that be through writing (;, teaching, or videography.  Here is my most recent project, this is a music video we created for Linkin Park's "Burn It Down", this was produced for a video contest.

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