2012 Year End Reading List

Here is the listing of the books I have read this year, hope you enjoy!

Executricks, by Stanley Bing - a tonge-in-cheek look at how executives get paid big buck to not show up at work, and how you can apply these executive tactics to your own work situation.

Counterfeit Revival, by Hank Hanegraaff - uncovers the tricks and gimmicks that the church and televengelists utilize to work up a crowd, appear to perform miracles, and proclaim "spiritual revival".

The Marriage You've Always Wanted, by Gary Chapman - one of the best books on marriage that I have read.  Chapman answers the questions that both sexes have about marriage, and why their spouse is/does what they are/do.

Damage Control, by Eric Dezenhall - how to manage corporate crises.

All Pro Dad, by Mark Merrill - great resource on how to be the father you were meant to be, and that your kids need you to be. Read a complete review here.

Revolution, by George Barna - outlines what is required for the church to become what God wants it to be. It all starts with you becoming a spiritual revolutionary.

Customer Satisfaction is Worthless, Customer Loyalty is Priceless, by Jeffrey Gitomer - entertainingly written, this is must read for every business, and public service agency.  Gitomer describes in detail how to create loyal customers who freely tell others about your business/service, creating more loyal customers. The best customer service read out there!

The $100 Startup, by Chris Guillebeau - follow your dreams, do what you love, don't go broke in the process.

The Power of the Prophetic Blessing, by John Hagee - see how Israel has become a blessed nation, pray the same blessing over your children and family that the Jewish people have been praying over there's since the beginning.  Watch an interview with the author, and read a full review, here.

Fire Monks, by Colleen Morton Busch - the harrowing true story of how 5 Buddhist monks successfully defended their community from a raging California wildfire.  Read the full review, here.

Wisdom Meets Passion, by Dan Miller - do what you love without sacrificing the things that you don't.  Great resource for those that are unsatisfied with their current career situation, and are looking for guidance on pursuing something they are passionate about.  Read a full review, here.

Who Needs a Superhero? , by H. Michael Brewer - finding God in the comics.  Brewer successfully links common comic book super hero figures, to our relationship with Christ.

The Harbinger, by Jonathan Cahn - reads like a novel, however, this is a factual book concerning 9/11 and the spiritual curse that has been brought upon our nation.  See an interview with the author, here.

Golf for Weekend Warriors, by Randy Howe - an introduction to the game of golf.  Written in a fun, commical tone.  Perfect for those just starting or planning to take up the game of golf (or for a spouse who just doesn't "get it").

Top magazines I subscribed to this year include, Forbes, GQ, Christianity Today, Outreach, and Inc.

Hope you have a great year in 2013! 

What are some books you read in 2012? What book(s) have had the greatest impact on your life?