Monday, January 15, 2018

Making CRR Work for Your Department

"Firefighter" by Justin Hoffman

Since, 1830 when James Braidwood penned one of the earliest guideson the causes of fires, and the means of preventing them”, fire departments have been practicing some form of community risk reduction. With the modern standards of NFPA 1730, NFPA 1452, and NFPA 1300, fire prevention organizations now have a reference tool and clear guidance on how to best conduct community risk reduction activities prevent fire, preserve life, and protect their communities.

Over the last few months, several posts have been published as a resource for CRR activities:

Presented below, as a sort-of  end cap to this series of posts, are some general tips and items to be considered before leaving the firehouse and engaging in CRR activities.

  • Dress professionally in a uniform that clearly identifies you with your department
  • Ensure a full supply of resources and handouts are available
  • Work only in teams, of at least two people.
  • Remember the primary goal of the CRR “mission” is to eliminate hazards to life and property. Be able to clearly articulate this to your community.