Thursday, January 4, 2018

WNYF - Four Articles of Impact from 2017

WNYF - With New York Firefighters is the official training publication of the FDNY. This publication should be required reading for any fire service professionals that are serious about their job, careers, and professional development. The quality, relevance, and applicability of the articles is first-rate.  The magazine is zero advertising, no frills, all training content.  The featured fire calls, recurring columns, and FDNY section profiles, provide administrative and operational insight that can be applied to your own operation.

The magazine is published in digital and print formats. Two additional publications, ProEMS and ProFIT, address the EMS component of the FDNY and the fire department’s strict commitment to physical well being.  They also produce a podcast, films, and other books. At only $25 a year (4 quarterly issues), this is the most efficient cost to benefit expenditure that an individual or department can spend.  To subscribe or receive more information go to,

4 Articles of Impact from 2017:

Manhole Fires by Asst. Chief Paul Cresci, Chief of Safety (WNYF 1st/2017)

A primary hazard with manhole fires can include active electricity, carbon monoxide, and natural gas. This article outlines the precautions to be taken, and guidance for incident stabilization and fire extinguishment. The FDNY utilizes the dry chemical agent, FireIce, at manhole fires involving electrical cables (Class C fires).

How the Safety Command Conducts Investigations, Part I and II by Batt. Chief Joseph McHugh (WNYF 2nd/2017 and 3rd/2017)

The Safety Command is tasked with conducting all investigations into major apparatus accidents and serious injury or fatality to a member. Part I of this article series outlines the four responsibilities of the Safety Command team in the event of an incident.  These responsibilities include: 1) preserving the scene, 2) preserving evidence, 3) conducting interviews, 4) writing the report. Part II of this series focuses on the specific aspects of an apparatus accident investigation.

Blue Roofs: Features and Collapse Risk at Fire Operations by Asst. Chief Ronald R. Spadafora, Chief of Fire Prevention (WNYF 3rd/2017)

Many firefighters may be familiar with green construction and green roofs, but less may be familiar with the blue roof.  The blue roof is a non-vegetated, sustainable system, designed to temporarily store rainfall in order to control and regulate drainage of water from a roof. This article identifies the components and construction features of these roof types and addresses response considerations and collapse concerns.

Roll Call: The Firefighters Competitive Advantage by Batt. Chief Frank Leeb (WNYF 4th/2017)

The roll call is the first meeting of the morning and provides the earliest and best opportunity to gain a competitive advantage. This is the time to honor the past, exchange information, and prepare for the shift ahead. This article serves as a reminder of the importance of being intentional during the roll call time, and its critical role in the shift day.