Flame Authority

Here's an old concept being haled as a new innovation:

Deer Park, NY, July 06, 2011 -- The Flame Authority announces a new line of products that quickly combat home fires.

Since the five-year statistics on house fire rates were published by the National Fire Protection Association in 2009, the Flame Authority has been working on its line of automatic fire extinguishers. Called the Flame Defender, this new line of products uses an effective fire retardant chemical known as monoammonium phosphate to eliminate fires as they happen.

The introduction of the Flame Defender follows the NFPAs report that the 362,500 home structural fires that occurred in the United States from 2004 through 2009 caused $7.6 billion in property damage and claimed more than 2,500 civilian lives.

Heating and electrical equipment caused nearly one-fourth of the fires in the NFPA report. These types of fires are particularly destructive because they often break out in basements and utility cupboards, where they may be undetected by homeowners even if they are at home when the fire erupts.

The Flame Defender is ideal for these types of situations as it does not require a person to operate it. A special temperature sensor automatically triggers a pressure gauge to release the fire retardant material when the temperature reaches 155 degrees Fahrenheit. The unit is also rated to combat Class A, B and C fires, meaning its safe for use on everything from paper to flammable liquids to electrical equipment.

The line of Flame Defender automatic fire extinguishers features three sizes, allowing homeowners to protect an area up to 7.7 feet in diameter. Commercial and marine versions are also available for business owners and boaters to protect their investments. The product requires no special plumbing or drilling to install. Homeowners simply mount the device onto the wall and let the Flame Defender go to work to protect their homes and belongings.

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What are your thoughts? Viable product/idea or not so much?