Top 10 Changes to NFPA 25

The following post has been adapted from an article provided in the EPARADE group.

The newest edition of NFPA 25 has been released.  Below are the top 10 signifcant changes that you should be aware of:

  1. Monthly Electric Fire Pump Testing. Pumps to be run monthly, rather than weekly.
  2. New Levels of System Deficiencies. Four different levels of system readiness were created and Annex E was added to supply information as to what thes four levels of readiness might look like.
  3. Obstruction Inspections Renamed Internal Piping Inspections.
  4. Occupants Not Responsible for Valve Locations. Standard revised to simply require that the "location of shutoff valves shall be identified."
  5. No Pre-Season Check for Areas Subject to Freezing.
  6. Clean But Don't Touch. In lieu of replacing sprinklers that are loaded with a coating of dust, it ispermissible to remove the dust from the sprinkler using compressed air or a vacuum, provided the equipment does not touch the sprinkler.
  7. Sprinkler System Hazard Evaluation Form. To differentiate between a hazard evaluation required  and a normal system inspection, an Annex F was added to show an example of a sprinkler system hazard evaluation form.
  8. Owner's Section of Inspection Forms Recommended.
  9. 3-Year Preaction System Air Test Added.
  10. Heat Tape Inspection Required.