How to Survive a Corn Maze

Haunted houses, hay rides, costume parties, are all part of a fun Halloween season. But only the bravest of souls dare to enter the haunted corn maze, with its twists, turns, false leads, and dead ends.

As a patron of the local corn maze the responsibility for your safety and well being while in the maze lies with the owner or operator of the maize maze. By following these guidelines (from the National Fire Protection Association), you can be assured a safe exit at the other end of the maze.

1. All maze employees shall be properly notified of fire and life safety rules, regulations, and responsibilities.

2. The operator of the maze should provide safety instructions to all maze participants, patrons, and customers, prior to anyone entering the maze.

3. The maze is to be monitored by at least 2 employees. One employee should be located on a raised platform at least 10’ above the maze.

4. All motorized vehicles are to be kept at a minimum of 75’ from the corn maze.

5. A minimum of 20’ cleared area shall be maintained between any vehicles or vegetation outside of the maze.

6. A public address system, bull horn, or loud speaker shall be available for making announcements in the event of an emergency.

7. The entrance and exit of the maze is to remain unobstructed.

8. A maximum of 200 people per acre are allowed to occupy the maze at any one time.

9. No smoking or open flames are allowed within the crop maze at any time. “No Smoking” signs should be clearly posted.

10. Fireworks are not to be discharged within 300’ of any corn maze.

Have a happy and safe Halloween holiday!