How To Be a Weak Leader

Throughout my fire service career, I have worked for a lot of managers, a lot of educated people, a lot of people that have worked their way up through the ranks, but I have worked for very few true leaders.  In this podcast, Michael Hyatt, outlines the five characteristics of a weak leader.

Hyatt takes these 5 characteristics from the poor Civil War leadership of General McClellan, first general-in-chief of the Union Army.  Eventually, these flaws cost him in a big way (fired from his post, lost confidence of the people, negative future effects on his career).

As you listen to the podcast think of how these flaws are evident in your workplace. What negative effects do they have?  As you listen, identify which flaws you may have, and purpose to correct those flaws in your own leadership.

  • Flaw #1: Weak leaders hesitate to take definitive action.
  • Flaw #2: Weak leaders complain about a lack of resources.
  • Flaw #3: Weak leaders refuse to take responsibility.
  • Flaw #4: Weak leaders abuse the privileges of leadership.
  • Flaw #5: Weak leaders engage in acts of insubordination.
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For more information and show notes visit, #048: The 5 Characteristics of Weak Leaders [Podcast].

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