Monday, July 11, 2011

G5 Leadership

As fire service professionals we should constantly be striving to increase our leadership effectiveness.  Leadership, in its simplest form, is influence. If we are ever to be successful in our pursuits of fire/life safety we must hold the power of influence. G5 Leadership can take you there.  G5 Leadership is web based leadership training organization which offers video training for leaders, as well as, live web events.  You get unlimited access to this content for a low yearly membership fee.  I strongly encourage any one desiring to lead to check it out.

So... What Does "G5" Mean Anyway?

G5 is short for "Fifth Gear." Over the last decade, our research of over 6,493 people on 487 teams in 1,938 companies showed that people work in one of 5 different "gears:"

First Gear: The Value Suckers (2%)
Traits: Me-mentality, disconnected from the team, make things worse just by coming to work. When they call in sick, productivity and morale go up.

Second Gear: The Job-Holders (25%)
Traits: Me-mentality, one or two people they connect with, fight for the status-quo. Been to the DMV? Yes, that's them.

Third Gear: The Isolators (49%)
Traits: Me-first mentality, personal project-centered. Team is for coordination/logistics, not collaboration. You vs. Me. Think "The Apprentice."

Fourth Gear: The Turf-Protectors (24%)
Traits: Team-centered, functional mentality, good team performance, but don't have the bigger company picture in mind. Us vs. Them. Think Sales vs. Marketing, not Sales and Marketing.

Fifth Gear: The Difference-Makers (2%)
Traits: Enterprise/market-first mentality. Think like connected, focused entrepreneurs. No turf wars, just killer production. Have you seen a Pixar movie lately? Those movies are brought to you by Difference-Makers.

Any of these gears sound familiar? Just remember most people don't start driving their car in top gear. It takes time and energy to get up to speed.

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What "gear" are you currently in? What "gear" would you like to be in?

First Gear: The Value-Suckers (2%)