Good Intentions - 10 Time Eaters That Will Keep You From Your Mission

It has been said, “the road to failure is paved with good intentions”.  Many in the work place have great ideas for innovation and improvement.  However, without a clear plan and sharp focus, these end up as just “great ideas” or “good intentions”.  

'Time' by Celestine Chua

In Company Officer, by Clinton Smoke, he lists ten “time eaters”.  These “time eaters” are items that creep in and distract you from your main goals and mission objectives.  Being aware of these is the first step in preventing them from derailing and distracting from the things that matter most.

  1. Lack of personal goals and objectives - have and maintain a clear vision of where you want to go
  2. Lack of planning - dedicate the end or beginning of each day to planning your schedule
  3. Procrastination - complete activities early in the day, do not put off activites that can be completed now for later
  4. Reacting to urgent events, often the result of procrastination - if your day is properly planned, and scheduled, an urgent event will not created major set-backs
  5. Telephone interruptions - keep unnecessary and unschedule phone calls short; turn off the phone when you need to stay focused on certain projects.
  6. Drop-in visitors - be nice, be polite, but be to the point with unscheduled guests
  7. Trying to do too much yourself - do the things only you can do, delegate the rest
  8. Ineffective delegation - delegate the right responsibilities to the right people
  9. Personal disorganization - do what is necessary to maintain focus and organization in your personal life and professional goals.
  10. Inability to say “no” - say ‘no’ to any tasks or items do not further your goals, or contribute to your plan/vision.

Take some time this week to review your goals and objectives, and act on your "good intentions".