Top 5 Benefits of Third-Party Plan Review

In, The Road to CO, I discuss some potential roadblocks on the path to permitting and approval.  The roadblock most often encountered happens in the plan review stage.  Lack of required information, or failure to comply with local ordinances and AHJ (authority having jurisdiction) requirements will have your plans stuck in permitting and you paying for and sending endless re-submittals.  This hold up at the front end of your project can have significant impacts on the end date, completion, and obtaining a certificate of occupancy. 

photo by Daniel X. O'Neil

The best way to avoid these problems and ensure that your project plans are submitted and approved in a timely and efficient manner is through the use of a third-party plan review.  Here are the top 5 ways that your project can benefit from third-party plan review:

     1.  Keep your project on schedule. 

A plan review expert will have an in-depth understanding of the scope of your project, and the scheduling milestones that need to be met. These experts can review, provide input, and have your plans ready for submittal in plenty of time to address any "unforseen" issues that may arise.

     2.  Coordinate communications. 

Every building project is made up of many parts including, architects, engineers, contractors, facilities personnel, and building owners.  The plan review expert can serve as a central point of contact for these people, keep everyone on the same page, and ensure that no detail is overlooked.

     3.  Avoid delays. 

By working through the plan review process any significant code discrepancies can be addressed, corrected, or altered prior to submittal.

     4.  Function as part of the design team. 

Bringing on a plan review expert in the very beginning concept stages of your project can prove extremely advantageous. A plan review expert can serve as a neutral voice for the project, and seek out solutions for foreseen issues from the earliest developmental stages.

     5.  Provide excellence in customer service.  

With a professional plan review expert you can expect top notch treatment. To the expert you are not just another number or another design in a stack of drawings.  You are a specific individual with a project that will impact the world for good.

To ensure that your next project goes smoothly, finishes within budget, and opens on-time, consider the use of a third-party plan review service.

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