Conducting the 3 Step Risk Assessment

Seeing the need for simple risk assessment process that could be conducted by individuals of any knowledge, skill, or ability level, we created our 3 step fire risk assessment process.  This system was developed after a thorough review of the types of assessments in place and recommended best practices.

Though the fire risk assessment is composed of many parts, the process can be broken down into 3 basic steps.

Step 1. Site visit and completion of the risk assessment field checklist. A site visit and walk-through will be conducted. You can utilize the risk assessment field checklist  tool that we have created. This checklist will guide you through the information needed to adequately assess your level of fire risk.

Step 2.  Input information into the digital pre-plan template.  The information gathered from the site visit, and risk assessment field checklist, can be input into our digital pre-plan template.  This template is designed so that the field checklist information can be organized into a neat, easy-to-read, format.  This allows the information to be quickly accessed and easily viewed when needed.

Step 3.  Completion of the fire risk assessment score-sheet matrix.  Utilizing the information gathered in Step 1 and its organization in Step 2, the structure can be given a numeric value that represents the level of fire risk present.

In conducting these 3 steps you can be provided with a clear picture of the structure, its fire protection and life safety systems and features, and any hazards present.

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