Monday, January 21, 2019

Managing the Fire Prevention Organization

With the many tasks, responsibilities, and requirements of the fire prevention organization how can personnel and resources be best utilized to  ensure that they are functioning at optimal effectiveness? Can they know that they are focusing on the right tasks and activities? The solution is a clear plan of action that identifies and provides for the most effective and efficient methods for performing essential fire prevention functions.

  • Identify the seven disciplines of effective and efficient fire prevention organizations.
  • Describe the key functions, features, and components of each discipline.
  • Apply practical guidance for implementation of each discipline.
  • Utilize readily available tools and resources for continued effectiveness and efficiency.

I have written extensively on this subject. Articles that delve deeper into these topics can be found at the below links.

Fire Prevention Blueprint - What it is, and how it can benefit your department.
Seven Disciplines for Effective FPO's - Identifying and defining the seven disciplines.
The FPO Effectiveness Tool -  How to use the “FPO balance wheel” to assess your organization.

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