Affecting Change Through Codes and Standards

There are currently more than 200 companies developing air taxis and electric vertical take-off and lift aircraft for the urban air mobility space. Robots pick, package, and ship our online orders. Specific to fire protection we have new revolutionary fire extinguisher designs, electronically activated fire sprinkler heads, artificial intelligence for fire and building codes and standards, fire protection systems that don’t require any type of agent, specialized tools to move the industry forward.  We are rapidly moving into a real future only seen in sci-fi movies, and closing in on a “Jetson’s like” existence. 

The innovative fire protection solutions for these emerging technologies will be driven by the codes and standards that regulate them.  As an innovative entrepreneur, manufacturer, or developer you understand your product and the unique problem that it solves. You know your fire protection solution is better than what already exists. Even though this is true, without a code or standard that permits the use and implementation of the solution, it will not be approved for use by local fire code officials, or the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ). This brief guide, Affecting Change Through Codes and Standards, will:

  • Provide an introduction to code making bodies
  • Outline the code development process
  • Reveal how to avoid a denied code change proposal
  • Demonstrate a plan for monitoring and tracking these codes and standards

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