Tuesday, March 19, 2013

How to calculate downtime...

The impact of a fire related incident can be devastating, resulting in loss of property, financial hardship, and often times, death. I started this blog as a way to ensure the continued success of its readers  organizations by eliminating the risk of fire loss.

Here at the Code Coach I attempt to do just that in the following ways:
  • Education - through this blog and shared articles readers are educated as to what fire/life safety components should be in place, and how to prevent fire/life safety issues from occurring.
  • Consulting - providing FREE plan review services to ensure fire/life safety code compliance; providing life safety evaluations of facilities; being part of the commissioning process; overseeing new construction and incident recovery projects.
  • Speaking - host and speak at fire prevention/life safety conferences/seminars/events; conduct site specific training; provide employee fire prevention and life safety training.
By combining these elements fire protection and life safety can be achieved. To determine the value that these tools could have for your organization, check out this "Downtime Calculator".  This calculator lets you see the cost of lost time due to a fire or other emergency.