Become a Fire Protection Champion

This week I had the privilege of attending an ORR Protection Systems "Training with the Experts" seminar.  The theme is Become a Fire Protection Champion: Carry the Torch of Life Safety: Inspecting, Testing, and Designing for Serviceability.  This seminar is four hours packed with useful information and valuable resources. 

The expert presenter is Lee Kaiser, Engineering Manager for ORR, he has a personality that is instantly likable.  He presented the information in an entertaining and informative manner, without the use of engineering terms and gobbledygook.  His presentation style adequately engages the mixed audience of facility managers, architects, engineers, inspectors, public fire service personnel, and AHJ's.

The seminar very adequately accomplished its stated goal of helping "you understand the essential elements of your life safety fire systems, the current NFPA code changes you need to know, and what is required for inspection, testing, and maintenance to keep your facilities in compliance."

This seminars objectives are:
  • Learn the key elements for Inspection, Testing & Maintenance of sprinkler, fire alarm, and suppression systems.
  • Discover how to avoid the biggest fire system design problems that can cause maintenance nightmares for facility managers.
  • Learn how to react properly to fire panel alarms, as well as supervisory and trouble signals.
  • Learn what the NFPA code requires for building compliance.

Especially beneficial, for me, was their bonus session.  The bonus session is all about air sampling smoke detection and VESDA systems.  These are systems that many jurisdictions and AHJ's, myself included, do not get much experience with.   So, it was very helpful to get an overview of these systems and obtain an understanding of how they work.

This seminar is traveling the country through May.  They are coming to a city near you!  Click the link below for dates and to register!