How to Prepare for Your AOI Audit

For organizations working with government aircraft under the control of the DCMA, Defense Contract Management Agency, they are subject to an annual Airport Operations Inspection (AOI) audit. This inspection most closely resembles the FAA, Part 139 inspection process that takes place at indexed airports.

For fire departments this audit will address the following critical areas:

  1. ARFF services
  2. Mishap plan/procedures
  3. Facilities

Traditionally, the documentation of these components have been maintained by using paper and a series of many 3-ring binders. With today’s modern technology, this information can be recorded and stored electronically.  Though, there may be other programs available we have found TargetSolutions software to be the most practical for this application.

TargetSolutions* is primarily a web-based training platform for public safety professions.  However, its customizable interface and ‘activities builder’ functionality allow it to be utilized for numerous applications.  

All of the required personnel training can be completed and documented within TargetSolutions. All certifications and credentials are input into the software, and notifications are sent when these are due to expire. We are also able to utilize the platform for all required inspections and checks.

Daily inspections:
  • Radio/communication checks
  • SCBA/air pack checks
  • Truck checks

Weekly inspections:
  • Fire pump run
  • Fire protection systems
  • Rescue tool exercise/inspection/maintenance

Monthly inspections:
  • Building/facility inspections
  • Valve exercise/inspections
  • Fire extinguisher inspections
  • PPE/turnout gear inspections

Annual inspections:
  • Fire doors
  • Ladder testing
  • Hose testing
  • Hydrant inspection/flow testing
  • Fire station safety assessment (NFPA 1500)

The primary benefit of the TargetSolutions platform is in its ease of use, and the reports that can be generated.  A report can be generated for all items (activities, credentials, training, inspections, etc.). This report is output in an organized, easy-to-read, excel spreadsheet. This clearly presented, and searchable, information format is preferred by the audit team.  They can easily digest the information, it can be accessed from one location (anywhere, at any time), and prevents the mad dash of looking for various binders and ensuring that none of the years worth of pages is missing.

The ‘File Center’ allows the user to upload files that can be accessed from any computer (with proper permissions). In preparation for the audit, and annual report is generated for all inspection components.  These excel files are then uploaded into a created ‘Audit Reports’ folder. Whenever the audit team arrives for their inspection, these files can be accessed and presented by any supervisor.

If you currently use TargetSolutions and are interested in any of the templates that we utilize, they can be requested from

Do you use a different system? Different software? What’s working for you?  

*not a paid promotion