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This training guide is developed to serve as an in-service training class that can be led by your own designated department personnel.

Many of us work in small ARFF departments, airport operated departments, or municipal departments responsible for aircraft incident response. In these circumstances, often times, "management" does not understand the complexities of Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting. Sadly, the effects of this "misunderstanding" trickle down to the firefighter responsible for ARFF operations in ways that include, lack of proper certifications, lack of training opportunities, lack of resources, lack of proper guidance. This misunderstanding can lead to incorrect fire ground procedures, and result in unsafe operations on the ARFF scene. To better prepare ourselves for ARFF emergencies, increase our knowledge of proper operations, and to ensure firefighter safety on ARFF incidents we need to understand the foundation of ARFF Operations -- NFPA 402. "Business by the Book -- What Does NFPA 402 Really Say?" serves as in in-service training class that will provide the fundamental components necessary to put this foundation into place.

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