Knock 'em Dead - for Career Advancement

I would like to make all those certified firefighters, or those looking forward to career advancement, aware of an invaluable career resource, Knock 'em Dead, by Martin Yates.  I have personally utilized this resource and highly recommend it.

Knock 'em Dead claims to be the "ultimate job search guide". And it is just that.  This book is meant to be utilized as a reference, rather than read from cover to cover.  It contains all the most current information, concerning job search, resume banks, and online tools. 

In it's efforts to be a complete job search resource it effectively covers all aspects of the job search, from resumes to negotiating the job offer.

Divided into the following 5 parts:

  • The Well-Stocked Briefcase
    • covers the successful job search, resume writing, and networking
  • Get The Word Out
    • initial contact, dressing for success, understanding body language, and successful interviewing
  • Great Answers to Tough Questions
    • what the employer is looking for in questions asked, how to answer these correctly
  • Finishing Touches
    • interiew follow-up, overcoming rejection to gain employment, negotiating the job offer
  • Where the Jobs Are
    • thirty fastest growing occupations, future job prospects
This book is perfect, not only for the new employee, but for those consider a career change or advancement.  

Two of the most valuable sections are the sections on resume preparation and answering the interview questions.  Knock 'em Dead covers all the questions that are typically asked in any kind of job interview, and provides the correct answer that tells the employer what he wants to hear.

The resume preparation section provides great insight for those seeking career advancement, by walking the reader through the following steps:
  1. decide on a specific target job.
  2. collect job postings
  3. look at your job from the other side of the desk
  4. identify what you bring to the table for each requirement
  5. critical thinking
  6. identify behavioral profile for success
  7. identify behavioral profile for failure
By closely following the outlined steps, one will be well on there way to job success!

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