Leadership Failure

Many leaders who fail in their leadership have common traits.  Below is a list of ten leadership weaknesses.    As you read this list, what are some of the listed weakness that you lean toward? How do you keep these in check? How can you turn them into strengths?

  1. Inability to organize details.
  2. Unwillingness to render humble service.
  3. Expectation of pay for what they "know" instead of what they do with that which they know.
  4. Fear of competition from followers.
  5. Lack of imagination.
  6. Selfishness.
  7. Intemperance.
  8. Disloyalty.
  9. Emphasis of the "authority" of leadership.
  10. Emphasis of the title.
Any single one of these faults is suffiient to induce leadership failure.  For the person who aspires to leadership, it would do you well, to make sure that you remain free of these faults.

-Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill