CFL Bulb Fires

CFL bulbs are the spiral shaped compact fluorescent lamps that have taken the place of the incandescent light bulb.  These CFL's are said to be more energy efficient and longer lasting.  

A recent blog on entitled, Shedding Light on Another Potential Fire Hazard, explains how the author, Glenn Bischoff, personally spotted these bulbs catching fire/creating flames in his own home.

A Google search will return several results stating that this is a myth.  However, even the National Fire Protection Association, claims that they have received several of these cases.  

This CFL hazard is something that all need to be aware of:

For fire service personnel,  this is something that should be considered as a fire origin and cause, and may be an important item to mention in public education sessions.

For the consumer, this is a danger to be aware of in your own home.  Many sources state that these types of bulbs are not intended for use on lights with dimmer switches and should be swapped out for incandescent bulbs.