I want to introduce you to a valuable resource,  Live Safe is a non-profit that is all about educating and training the public in fire/life safety. There purpose and mission is:

The mission of Live Safe is to help YOU prepare for, train and improve the effectiveness of saving your life in the event of a fire. The Live Safe Foundation is a non-profit organization (501c3), and leading grassroots movement, devoted to making fire and life safety education, awareness initiatives and life saving tools available on a broad basis to communities, campuses, and institutions in an effort to reduce national fire fatalities and fire losses. While the Live Safe Foundation is not exclusively fire oriented, through our “voice” on this blog we will work to build public awareness, advocacy, and incorporate the usage of important messaging development to create “Fans” interested in helping everyone become a more responsive society to life and fire safety needs. Live Safe exists to provide training and awareness for those who are uniformed.

They also maintain a blog that offers many fire safety tips and practices.

Check them out on Facebook and Twitter.