How to Obtain Building Occupancy

When you start out on a building project, whether a new structure or a renovation, the ultimate goal is always the same -- building occupancy.  The goal is to occupy the structure as soon as possible, without any problems, and within (if not under) budget.   

When all the steps in a building project are carried out correctly these objectives can easily be achieved.  However, there almost inevitably, seems to be a hitch in the process.  Some part of the process that is not quite right that wants to derail the project and keep you out of the building.  These problems can arise anywhere, from the beginning in plan review and permitting, through construction and site 'surprises', to the final testing and inspections.  

With adequate resources, proper systems, and the right team in place the process can go smoothly, and be an enjoyable experience (rather than fret and stress filled).  My special white paper, The Road to C.O. - the Direct Route to Building Occupancy, reveals:

  • how to avoid the most common disapprovals in plan review
  • the importance of a properly trained and 'code knowledgeable' team
  • how to address jurisdictional issues with the local AHJ (authority having jurisdiction)
  • how to pass your final inspections with ease and peace of mind

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