Top Posts of All Time

Today we celebrate 500 posts on! Started in 2009 as a project to educate other fire inspectors and fire prevention personnel, this site now gets 15,000 views per month (plus, many more on LinkedIn and Medium) with an email list of almost 4,000 subscribers. 

Thank you for supporting The Code Coach, through your reading and valuable input!

Top 10 Posts of All Time

  1. Understanding Pre-Action Sprinkler Systems
  2. Eating Your Own Cooking
  3. Building a Kiosk
  4. How to Conduct NFPA 80 Inspections
  6. Fire Sprinkler Design Guide [for AHJ's]
  7. Overwhelmed Fire Inspectors
  8. When Is A Fire Watch Required?
  9. The FPO Effectiveness Tool
  10. NFPA, IBC, and ISO Construction Classifications, in Comparison