Fire Protection for UAM and eVTOL

 This week I will be in Bonita Springs, Florida attending the FSSA 40th Annual Forum. I will be giving a presentation on “Fire Protection for Emerging Aviation Technologies”. This presentation will define urban air mobility, outline where the technology is, clarify what the current state of fire protection for UAM and eVTOL is, and identify what fire protection innovations are needed, and how to be involved in setting the future fire protection direction for this technology. 

As a primer to this presentation and to fire protection for UAM, below is a collection of articles and resources related to fire protection for UAM and eVTOL.

This new aircraft technology will necessitate a change in how they are protected within their hangars. These articles outline the changes that will allow this within the 2022 edition of NFPA 409.

The key to getting ahead in this industry is to get involved and stay involved. Here are three organizations that are actively engaged in the future of fire protection for UAM.

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